Personal narrative essay topics revolve around your life, but they are still challenging to write. Read on for tips on where to get titles as well as some examples.

Find Memorable Topics for Personal Essay Here

The personal essay is a typical project for high school and college students. In this type of assignment, your instructor will expect a paper in which you narrate your subjective life experiences and the lessons learnt. In other words, your personality takes the center stage. Despite its subjective nature, students still find coming up with good personal essay topics. You are in luck —here, we outline some places where you can look as you search for a good title, as well as some examples for guidance.

Where Can One Get Sample Topics for a Personal Essay?

If you have been given the freedom to choose your own topic, the experience can be both scary and exhilarating. Don’t worry is you have no idea how to get started, there are many places where you can get well-crafted topic to offer guidance. Some options include:
Past papers written by fellow students;
Searching online for inspiration using such engines as Google and Bing;
Getting help from a top academic writing service.
Remember that, while the personal statement can be freest form of assignment, its subjective nature also makes choosing a topic quite challenging. Your best bet is in approaching it as an opinion and narrative. In other words, the project is about your thoughts on a subject.
Even if your life is not full of super exciting stories or intense drama, you can still get good personal experience essay topics. Just recall some memorable event and talk about it in flowing and coherent prose. Even with this type of project, you will still need to brainstorm and create a detailed outline to guide your writing. Avoid jumping from one story to the next. Instead stick to one event, leading your audience through the series of events in a captivating narration.

Examples of Topics to Consider for Your Personal Essay

Remember, a personal essay focuses on your experiences, thoughts, and life. It is your chance to give readers a sneak-peak into your most intimate life lessons. If you find yourself struggling with choosing personal essay topics for college, consider these examples for inspiration:
How you met your best friend;
An experience in which you overcame fear;
A moment that changed your life;
A place you consider special;
An experience of being let down by a friend or family member;
How you define family.
These are just a few examples you can consider as you search for good college personal essay topics. The options are unlimited and subjective. However, you will still need to consider your audience, tailoring your choice and narration style appropriately. Remember, this is still a formal paper and the use of slang is inappropriate. If you need additional assistance with choosing an appropriate topic or writing a custom paper, don’t hesitate to contact us.