Wondering how to improve your SAT and want tips for SAT essay? Wonder no more, we got you covered; we have several tips written by professional that you use to attain those score you want.

Brilliant New SAT Essay Tips Written by Expert Graders

If you have never written an SAT essay or didn’t attain the scores you wanted in the last test, you will benefit from this knowledge. In this article will help in the essay itself and what matters when graders go through your piece.
Here are the essential components of a successful SAT essay that the College Board uses in their scoring criteria.
Give a clear thesis – This means you make a clear argument that the reader can easily distinguish. What you need to do is create a precise main claim. Fortunately SAT provide that for you.
Include both an Introduction and a Conclusion – The introduction paragraph tells the reader what you will be talking about and helps organize the entire essay. It’s best to have both the introduction and conclusion but if you are pressed on time choose the opening because a good one has a thesis statement.
Only use information from the passage – All the necessary information is in the passage. Do not use outside knowledge; you need to show you read the passage. The correct way to support your thesis in an SAT essay is by using specific details from the passage.

Tips for Writing the SAT Essay – What You Don’t Know

There are a few SAT essay writing tips that most students don’t know about writing the essay that would give them an advantage in the test. Here are five secrets that the College Board doesn’t tell you.
Read the prompt before the passage – This is because it has the writers claim, this will keep you focused on the argument.
Your facts have to accurate, but your interpretation doesn’t have to be – A big part of the scores not only comes from devices the writer use to build his argument but to explain the effects of the use of this devices. You don’t have to be wholly accurate but convincing in your case and citing examples.
Have an aim when reading the passage – You have to write how the argument was crafted not if it is bad or good. For you to become good at this read more persuasive essays and to gain objectivity.

New SAT Essay Writing Tips – Steps by Step Guide

You are only given 50 minutes to write an SAT essay, which means you have to read, examine, and write your article. Therefore you need a plan when going in. Here is a guide that will help you write a compelling essay.
Answer the prompt – Do not summarize the passage or identify the devices used by the writer but look into the way the writer builds his argument.
Support your facts with substantial evidence from the passage. To get high score try and quote from the passage suitably to back your points. This will show you read the passage (without you having to summarize it), but you also understood what the writer was saying and how he constructed his argument. You can directly quote the passage but re-write it. When using your own words be careful that the facts you state are accurate.
Keep your essay organized – Follow the ideal structure of an SAT essay. Use the necessary four to five paragraphs; this will help you organize your work and the reader to follow your reasoning. Try making a smooth transition between paragraphs which should connect.

Excellent SAT Essay Tips and Tricks from Professional

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