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English Reflective Essay Examples – Definition and Steps to Follow

This is an essay that describes experience or event. Then examine the meaning of the event or experience and what you were able to learn from it. A reflective piece examine the past from today.
When writing one has to bring forth his or her emotions and thoughts to draw an accurate picture of individual traits, personality, and history. They should include a graphic description and summary of the experience so that the reader can feel like they were there with you. You should also include the explanation to your feelings, thoughts, and reactions.

Steps to Follow When Writing a High School Reflective Essay Examples

Choose the topic of your article by thinking of an experience or event. To choose to ask yourself how you feel about the event, how it influenced or didn’t influence your life and reasons. This will assist in creating a thesis that will be the central point of your essay.
Make a mind map – Craft your thesis and highlight it. Identify your primary ideas and arguments which will support your hypothesis. Assist the reader follow the unfolding experience and thoughts. Group the ideas in paragraphs so you can use the write later while connecting to the highlighted part. When you use this flow, it will help you see the overall structure. Finally, arrange the paragraphs in a logical sequence
Start writing your essay following this sequence
Introduction – This is a strong opening paragraph. It should be eye-catching meaning it should engage the reader immediately.
Body-Explain your supporting ideas, argumenta and give examples. Stress only on one experience or event as well as considering it within every paragraph.
Conclusion – The first sentence should summarize your thoughts. Write on what you have learned and how it can be helpful to others — end by giving your reader a rhetorical question on how they would act to the same situation.

Top-Notch Reflective Essay Examples for High school

Here is a sample of a reflective essay
Being a native of Southern California, the beach always feels like home. At times I forget to go there when I visit my mum. This week I came to take care of her during her cataract surgery. Also assisting her during appointments and reminding her to use her eye drops. I had also been doing housework which she couldn’t do herself. We had also visited my cousin and the rose garden where my grandmother’s ashes were buried. However, the conversations we had were probably the most significant part of my visit.
Before the day I was to leave, I still hadn’t gone to the beach. This when I recalled what my friend Ann told me “Please go to the beach for me when you are there!” Staying in Central Texas, the beach is five hours away, and Texas is a Gulf coastline, which is nice, but it doesn’t compare to the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Ann cares for her mother just like me, but she gets to do it every day, all year long. The only break she has over the past few years since her dad passed away was when her husband took her for a one week trip to the beach in California. So, thinking of Ann, I decide I need to take my trip to shore.

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